COVID-19 coordination and preparation

We wanted to let you know where we stand with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Nuala, Jim & their family currently are not exhibiting any of the symptoms of the virus. We are following safety guidelines as they become available.  As of now, we are maintaining regular business hours.

We realize many of you may be not taking any chances & that social distancing may be difficult in our office, so we would like to make sure everyone is aware that scheduled meetings, tax drop-offs and tax pick-ups can all be completed via email and phone.

If you have a scheduled meeting and feel you would rather handle your return via phone meeting and email, please let us know. We also have a direct line fax machine, if you feel more comfortable faxing your information.

As of now, the tax deadlines remain the same, if that changes we will let you know.

Thank you and stay safe.

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